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A single mum

I gave birth to my son, Evan, when I was 22. Before Evan was 2 years old my relationship with his father had broken down and I was a young single mother doing the best for my son. Evan was an exuberant, hysterically funny toddler, but on that fateful day, I knew something wasn’t right. I’d picked Evan up from preschool at lunchtime, and after a 5 minute stroll home, he was exhausted.
He fell asleep on the sofa for almost 3 hours. When he woke, he was insatiably thirsty, and drank a pint of water. He asked for more, and I had to stop him from swallowing another full pint. Some kind of mother’s instinct told me to call the GP. Evan was seen within an hour, and his blood glucose levels were so high, the monitor wouldn’t give a reading – the screen just said “HI”. The GP told me to take Evan straight to the hospital, where the medics worked their magic, but our lives fell apart. Evan was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes age 3.


In the years that followed, there have been many highs and lows – not just in the little numbers showing Evan’s glucose levels, but psychologically every day since. The lows have given me strength and experience, something I wish to share with you.


But it is the highs that make it all worthwhile. Together Evan and I have turned his diagnosis from surviving to thriving, something you can do too. On this site I will talk you through some of the highs and lows of our journey so far, and hope that I can offer you some reassurance, kindness and some experiences of our journey.

I’ve visited more than 25 countries around the world

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